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About:  HRSimpli

The Idea strikes after spending considerable time with many Startup and SME’s and observing the fact that many startup and SME’s had common issues with their Human Resources function. Our collective experience in Human Resources, Startup Leadership, change management and organization Development told us the reality.

We noticed that Business leaders were too busy generating revenue to handle staff issues. Often, the Businesses were not large enough to justify increasing the staff with an in-house HR professional.

A common practice was for the Office Manager to handle daily HR operations, but they did not have the know-how or confidence to handle staff challenges.

They were unfamiliar with Employment Law, and needed help in implementing practical HR processes, systems and programs.

Through our value-creating methodologies and processes, our aim is to support your organization with the highest levels of HR expertise on-demand, and without your need to hire dedicated staff. We work in partnership with you to provide cost-efficient quality solutions to your HR challenges.

Mission, Vision, Objective:

After founders have created their product or service and comprised their management team, a key component of their strategic plan is the ability to attract, hire and retain the professional talent to ensure success.

HRSimpli is an expert in helping at early stages and will work with the founders and management team to strategically design and execute the most effective recruiting and human resource strategy as well as provide appropriate HR support.

Our Business

The three pillars of our work culture form the strong base on which we operate:

·         Focused

We focus on our core competency – providing simple, effective and cost-efficient HR services.

·         Consultative

We believe in designing a program for you after understanding your needs through a series of consultative discussions and engagements.

·         Transparent

It is our policy to be ethical and transparent in what we promise and what we do. If we are unable to meet your needs, we will not offer ourselves to serve you.


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