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Why HRSimpli?

Partnering with us enables you to optimize your HR activities and service delivery through smarter and more efficient processes at an early stage of your organizational development.

In the first years of operating a startup firm, often your focus is to just get things up and running. There is so much to Human Resources Management that it can be difficult to know where to start!

Let HRSimpli assist you in setting up you HR function while you achieve smarter and more efficient HR service delivery from day one.

How does HRSimpli works?

HRSimpli begins with an onsite audit, where our consultants gather information about your business, growth objectives, and existing HR processes and documentation, if any. Using this information, we develop your HR program that optimizes your people and seamlessly integrates all HR activities.

What does HRSimpli guarantee me?

As a minimum, HRSimpli guarantees your organization with:

  • Development of or improvement to your HR practices;
  • Enhancement to your HR documentation;
  • Deployment of a comprehensive HR database
  • End-to-end Payroll setup; and
  • Enabling your management team through HR training.

What are the benefits from HRSimpli?

With HRSimpli, you build a solid foundation for all your Human Resource activities, establishing the processes, policies and procedures you need to either start your business or run it more successfully.

  • You gain peace of mind by being free to focus on key strategic growth areas, now that HR activities are working seamlessly;
  • There is support through right processes, documentation and technology for your business from the start;
  • Employee morale is raised by empowering staff to become engaged and take control of their employment responsibilities;
  • You encourage legal compliance when your HR activities align with best practice standards.
  • Cost effective HR service, systems and advice from a team of qualified HR professionals.
  • Operational efficiency allowing you to focus on your business growth while running an effective and productive HR function.
  • Expert advice, support and best practice documentation with regional focus.
  • Tailored, practical and timely HR advice, processes and solutions when you need it most.

Where can HRSimpli help drive value for startup firms?

As companies expand, enter new geographies, source new work, or set up operations in new markets, it may not make financial sense in the initial stages to fully staff an HR function. Consider partnering with HRSimpli for HR support until your business reaches a certain size, and is well established. Leaving the key HR responsibilities to our HR professionals can actually be a more cost-effective approach for the company, enabling business owners to remain focused on the strategy towards growing the company.

Is HRSimpli an expensive service?

We are mindful of the budgetary constraints faced by start-up businesses and are focused on delivering value for your investment in your HR function. Service packages can be tailor-made to meet your budget and HR needs. It is our commitment to be the most competitive while being the most efficient in the market we operate.


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